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We warmly welcome all of you to the official website of The Howashafi Organisation. 
Our mission is clear – to serve humanity through Homeopathy

We would like to assure you that, by the Grace of Allah, we will make every effort possible to help you with your health matters through the science of Homeopathy and Homeopathic remedies.

To improve the health of people, by restoring balance to their body and removing their disease or ailment, is not an ordinary task, but rather a task that requires prayers for the patient for his or her recovery. 
By serving humanity like this, it is one way to please our one God and Creator. God Almighty never wastes that person who tries to minimise the suffering of other human beings.

The Howashafi Organisation invites you to come forward to help us in our mission to serve humanity through Homeopathy and natural medicine.

Together we can with God’s Grace and Mercy achieve much in the field of service to humanity.
We will value your input and selflessness in helping us serve others better.

The Howashafi Organisation humbly requests all the readers to share their views about natural medicine, and in particular, Homeopathy, with the team.

May Allah shower His blessings, Guidance and Mercy upon us all, Ameen.



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